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When are bank exams held? Bank personnel recruitment exam dates , information about bank personnel recruitment exams continue. Those who want to be employees of the bank, after graduating from the relevant departments to work in the banks have to pass another exam. These examinations are organized by the banks on certain dates and their announcements are also announced in certain periods.

Such announcements may also be obtained from the official website of banks. If you want to become a bank employee or become a box office clerk, you should first learn when to take the bank exams and pass them successfully. So when are the bank exams in 2019 ? When the Bank exams 2019 information is in our article.

When Bank Exams 2019


Bank examination dates are usually shaped depending on the personnel needs of banks. These exam dates vary from bank to bank and are generally held every year. Turkey has achieved a significant growth in recent years, especially in the banking sector. In connection with this growth, numerous banks have started to serve and their service areas have been expanded. This competitive environment and the expanding banking sector are also important for employment.

It is possible to work in many different positions in banks and to have a good career in this field. Especially starting to work in corporate and international banks can provide many advantages for people. You can get detailed information about bank exams in 2019 by following the official websites of the banks or using some media organs.

How to Apply for Bank Exams?

How to Apply for Bank Exams?

At the beginning of the path he followed to get the staff of banks in Turkey, of course, comes the corporate examinations. In addition to the exams, you can apply directly to the human resources departments or related departments of banks. If the bank deems it appropriate for the applications you make with the resume you have prepared, you will be able to do interviews, exams etc. applications can be used to prove your competence. However, applying this second method directly without taking bank exams does not increase your chances. To apply for bank exams;

  • Determining the Bank’s personnel needs and
  • After exam announcement

Depending on your qualifications, you can apply for a direct exam for which position is appropriate. Banking exams can be held in certain periods in 2019 according to the needs of the banks. You can learn the application requirements for the exam by following the official announcements of the banks.

Bank Examinations for which staff?

It is not possible to limit bank exams to a specific position. A certain test or prerequisite condition can be determined for each position the bank needs. In general, the positions that people who want to work in banks may prefer with exams;

  • Assistant Inspector and Expert
  • Service worker
  • Computing expert
  • Call center staff
  • Specialized staff
  • Chauffeur, officer and box office supervisor
  • Follow-up officer
  • Security guard etc.

It appears in the form. Examinations can be held for only one of these positions, and examinations and interviews can be held for several positions at the same time. Before you apply for the exams, you need to know that you have the qualifications the bank is looking for and whether the staff you are applying for meets your qualifications.

What should be considered when taking bank exams?


Today, the banking and financial sector is very dynamic and operates in a wide range of services. The increase in the number of banks and the opening of new branches increases the need for personnel. However, banks always employ qualified people, no matter how much they need. In other words, you have to meet the conditions set by the bank and prove your competence for the position you are applying for. In order to be successful in banking exams;

  • Get detailed information about the exam and position
  • Find out if there is a dam application in the exam
  • Get information about exam and interview format
  • Refresh your information

Banking exams vary in content according to the position to be purchased. Therefore, it will give you a great advantage to learn the features of the exam in detail. Preparing for the 2019 bank exams early and examining the exams and exam contents previously applied by banks will increase your success rate. You can follow the banking exam dates for the coming year via corporate bank websites.

What are the Bank Exam Fees?

Generally, corporate firms do not charge any fees for exam or job applications. However, Turkey does not apply to this situation in the banks they work for banks, such as the state agency in many respects. Since there are many applications to the banking exams each year, some fees may be requested in the written exams. Examination fees may vary from bank to bank. Between 50 and 100 TL exam fees are applied.

Bank Assistant Specialist Exam Application How?

Those who wish to work in the assistant position of banks are required to apply for exams online. For example; Good Finance examinations were conducted in two stages in 2018 for assistant specialists.

  • After the exam fee is deposited
  • Fill in the internet application form

It is sufficient for the assistant examination. However, this process may vary from bank to bank. It is therefore recommended that you review the relevant legislation and bank disclosures.

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