How to finance your credit after buying a property?

“The housing crisis” is an expression today widely heard. It becomes difficult to buy real estate and pay back credit. Good Finance offers you a good plan to reduce your bills.

Complete your income


Have you ever thought of renting one of your rooms to supplement your income and thus finance all or part of your credit? Real anti-crisis solution, Good Finance allows hosts to combine enriching cultural meetings and additional income through the rental of one of their rooms.

Get home a business traveler, a student or a lover of your city and repay your credit at the same time! While discovering another culture in a friendly and safe , you round your end of the month.

The sharing economy

The sharing economy

Consumption patterns are changing and the sharing economy is on the rise. By eliminating the hotel intermediary, Good Finance allows everyone to earn a little more: housing is more accessible, and private hosts increase their income. More friendly and authentic than the classic hotel, the room homestay benefits everyone!

How it works ? Visit the Good Finance website. Register on the site by completing a form to introduce yourself … After taking pretty pictures of your interior and the room you are offering, log in to your account and publish them. A short description of the accommodation, the price and the number of people you can receive and go for the adventure! Match with the travelers who contact you, and after validation on your part, receive your first guest.

A secure community site


Thanks to the technologies used everything is secure . The Good Finance team is in France and available 7/7 to answer you and help you in your steps.

Receive between 1 day and several months . Just update the room availability calendar to warn the traveler. A single room to rent or a whole apartment, to you to see … In addition, if you wish, you can improvise tour guide …

If you are looking to put butter in spinach, Good Finance has the recipe: welcome travelers from France or the world in a friendly way to pay off your mortgage sooner!

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