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First of all, we congratulate you for making the decision to start and start your business. The most important moment of a company is when the person makes the decision to make it happen. We are glad you made the decision to be your boss and especially because you are going to create work for other people.

When deciding to undertake we must take into account some steps that will help us improve our idea and make it functional. Remember that you have to be serious for everything, and you cannot take lightly the fact that you will be an entrepreneur.

It is proven that the more knowledge you have about finance, the better it will be for people who have just started your business. The lack of knowledge in financial administrative matters causes many businesses to have an excessive amount of debts and bankrupt them.

We want to help you and that’s why we give you these tips to be successful.

We want to help you and that

  • Analyze the competition

If you have too much competition, you will definitely have to reconsider your idea. In case the competition is small, you have to analyze how you can innovate the market, in order to become customers. You must know what people’s needs are and this can be done by visiting the competition and observing what they lack and what customers need.

  • Create a marketing plan

    Create a marketing plan

Every initial business will be small, therefore the marketing plan will not be difficult to elaborate and implement, since technology is on our side. Having already defined what type of products or services you are going to sell, you must segment the population that will offer it to you. There are two ways to reach potential customers: through social networks, which you can manage and through traditional marketing, service for which you will pay more.

Make a financial plan

Make a financial plan

You already have the product or service, the people to whom it is aimed, but now you must establish the investment you will need to start your project. You have to make an inventory of everything you should buy, rent or hire. Not having financial resources should not limit you to undertake, that’s what credits are for. This is not only at the beginning, you should always have control of your finances.

  • Specialize or seek advice

    Specialize or seek advice

Having experience in the business you intend to create is the best thing that can happen to you. However, this is not a limitation, since in case you are not an expert, you can hire some advice or specialize. Remember that these consultancies can make you have a better vision of where you want to take your business.

  • Form a productive team

You will be the boss, the one who hires the staff, the one who takes the finances, etc. The responsibility of hiring personnel will be yours and that is why you should hire people who are trained for the functions you will assign. Hiring people with experience will help you better serve your customers and help you improve.

There are other aspects that you must take into account to grow your business, these are personal that will make you look like a better person.

  • Be a leader, not a boss

Employees feel better when they have a leader who is willing to get their hands dirty by their team. Create a connection with your work team and motivate them. Without a doubt, that gives better results in productivity.

  • Create a work culture

    Create a work culture

Being understandable with the team helps strengthen that bond of trust, however, you should always establish procedures and rules that must be followed within the work and make them commit to them.

  • Reward for your team

    Reward for your team

Share with your team the successes of the company so that they feel more involved. If finances allow it, plan activities outside of work so that there is a better relationship and they see you as a leader and not a boss.

  • Take care of your customers

    Take care of your customers

“A happy customer attracts more customers,”

Stay in touch with them. You can create campaigns for each type of client: the frequent ones, the regular ones and the new ones, with the purpose of creating a better link. These promotions can be communicated through messages or calls.

  • Saving

When a company has the capacity to save it means that the financial health of the owner is the best. This does not mean not making purchases to avoid expenses, this means that you should look for options of services and products of excellent quality at a good price.

  • Debts


In many cases, the entrepreneur needs a loan to start the operations of his company or in other cases to expand. To achieve financial health it is important to have a sustainable debt that you can pay in comfortable terms.

  • Expenditure

Spending more than you earn means that your finances are not going well. Remember that you must pay your time bills and that is why you should not neglect your expenses because this will give a bad impression of the business.

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